C. Amarnath B.E Principal

Govt ITI ADW vadakarai Chennai 600052 established on February 2016 and comes under the Department of Employment and Training. This Department is headed by the Director of Employment and Training. With high quality training methodologies and a dedicated and devoted faculty, use of quality and efficiency in training is assured. The Training for Vocational Courses is given at complete fee concession.

In the due course, the Trainees can avail free notebooks, laptops, uniforms, bi-cycles and bus-pass under the welfare schemes of the Tamilnadu Government. The Computers facility inside the campus nurtures the learning quality.

Our Alumni mark their presence round the globe designated in various leading Industrial sectors. The Institute by all means helps the men and women to enhance their education and self dependence. Thus the students should develop interest to join the course and make use of the golden opportunity provided at their doorsteps by the Government of Tamilnadu.


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